Discover Legal AI That Delivers, Today

We’re sure you’ve been hearing about the promise AI holds for simplifying legal. But there are few working solutions. BigLegal is here today, a tool that delivers the benefits of AI in a simple corporate legal document platform.

Quality Insight Drives Reputation

We know what it means to have the passion in work. And we know the role that having the relevant facts plays. BigLegal uses AI to allow you to unlock more. With AI, document review changes from a laborious task to a quick exercise and an opportunity to channel knowledge in a more meaningful way.

More Hours in the Day

There aren’t a lot of hours in each work day and work week. We all worry about making an impact with our time, but even the best timetable management can’t guarantee that. The best option is to be involved in the issues that compel you and BigLegal can clear your time to do that.

AI Can Help

It might seem like a small step bringing AI into your company or practice or hard to imagine it can contribute that much. Or perhaps AI seems something for headlines, but not the day-to-day. But at BigLegal we recognise that every corporate legal process can benefit from efficiencies, and we all work our best when we have the time to focus on the compelling issues where we deliver value.

Play to Your Strengths

BigLegal shouldn’t just be a tool for you to save time, or extract a little more efficiency, it’s a way to play more to your strengths, and what differentiates you, so that you can impact more with your work.

Getting to Know BigLegal

We know putting a new practice in place is a big step. We’re here to bring you insight about AI, show you a bit of how it works, answer questions and explain. We want to be the best partner we can for this step.

Future Success Stories

BigLegal can start to redefine your approach to legal technology and give you the opportunity to look back in a year knowing you’re doing more. We look forward to being on this journey with you and would love to be writing a success story about how you’ve integrated BigLegal into your practice and delivered.